Waterlase Dentistry – A New Era in Dentistry Has Begun

HydroPhotonics™ – Water and laser technology that is less traumatic than the drill
Efficiency – Procedures that once took several appointments can now be finished in one visit Accuracy – Experience less post-op discomfort & require less pain medication

Advantages of Waterlase Dentistry over traditional dentistry:
- Multiple cavity preparations in just one visit
- Children’s cavity preparation without a shot (in most cases)
- Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers
- Less post-op discomfort with less pain medication

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LaserSmile - In-Office Laser Whitening

Introducing a significant breakthrough in cosmetic dental laser technology – the LaserSmile™ accelerated whitening system utilize TCIA™ technology. The LaserSmile™ system has many advantages and benefits over other whitening devices to give you a laser White Smile in less than an hour.

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